Outdoor Canvas Canopy Tent Supplier in Malaysia

We are the leader in portable canopy industries in Malaysia with over 50,000 units ready-to-go units in our factory.



Our canopies can be folded like an umbrella to maximize portability. Our canopies can be easily setup within 5 minutes simply by any individual. No nuts and bolts required!



Our main vision is to maintain our status as Malaysia's number 1 portable canopy supplier.



Our main mission is to create and spread Jooeast as a brand recognition to build awareness in our customers as they perceive us as the brand that has good product quality and service.

Tan Tee Joo

Founder and CEO

JooEast was established in early 2004 by Mr Tan Tee Joo to provide shades for people, among many other reasons. Before Mr. Tan introduced this specific kind of canopy, the market in Malaysia was hardly exposed to this portable and convenient type of canopy. Mr Tan then came up with an idea that by using convenience and cleanliness lead his company to the top and has 10 branches across the country.
The very first consistant folding canopies for night market in Kuantan, Malaysia proposed by Jooeast Sdn Bhd founder, Mr Joo to ‘Majlis Perbandaran Kuantan’ since 2005.

Our Clients